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Dune & Jacques
Dune & Jacques


There was magic between Duné and Jacques throughout the entire shoot. He was so gentle with her and she brought a sense of ease to him. I loved standing behind the lens, not saying a word, and just observing how they are together. They truly are such a humble couple with a love so pure.

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Like the wind You'll guide Clear the skies before me And I'll glide this open sea Like the stars, Your Word Will align my voyage And remind me where I've been And where I am going
-Hillsong United

These two beautiful souls gave me the immense honour of documenting their engagement on Grotto beach in July. I got butterflies as Ruan went down on one knee to propose to the love of his life. The session continued with SO much love between them. They laughed. They cried. I cried. Every single look and touch was true and nothing but meaningful. As I am typing this short intro to their album, I am reliving the most amazing engagement session and feel overwhelmed by this privilege. I praise Abba for their relationship, for their heart and for their influence in my life.

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"When you love and laugh abundantly you have a beautiful life."
– unknown

These two lovebirds truly made my day. Their shoot is the essence of why i LOVE photography. I just love spending time with couples like these and getting to observe such a deep and tender love. We spent the afternoon having a pic nic in the golden light of pretoria's sunset.

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I really experience how life picked up speed all of a sudden, where one year later seems like only a week has passed. I really feel the need to slow it down, to take pictures, ALOT of them, and to just take a moment to look at how exquisite life is NOW. This family will always hold such a special place in my heart and I still feel immensely honoured to share in their story. happy clicking ;)

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chereen Family


"A person's a person, no matter how small."
— Dr. Seuss

THIS is why I adore family sessions.

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What a privilege to capture this gorgeous mommy before her special day. I've been blessed seeing Leanne's little bump grow the last couple of weeks. This little boy is going to be loved and care for so deeply by his parents

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