I am a photographer because I am in love with stories. I light up when I get to experience the backdrop of a journey and even more so when I get to capture the essence of that journey.  

I am a storyteller, a chaser of light and above all I am a child of God.

Isn’t the word “grace” just so sweet? The fact that it entails the smoothness and elegance of movement and yet at the same time it encapsulates the unmerited love of Christ. 

Liza Grace was born out of a season where things abruptly gave way to the unexpected but I found grace right in the centre of this. It is the balance of accepting this that makes us so beautifully and softly human. 

Everything I am is because of the unlimited, unsurpassed and unmerited grace of God, and I hope to take that with me in every endeavour I encounter as a photographer.

SO…This is me…

Aliza (Liza) and welcome to my page.